Decommissioning Services

Ready to move on to a new project, or need to transfer facilities?

NRTC Automation under InnovativeX will help you decommission your warehouse or factory and recoup a portion of your initial equipment investment.

We offer comprehensive decommissioning services across every industry for manufacturers who need equipment removed by experts. With an emphasis on safety, speed, and efficiency, we extract all industrial robots and manufacturing equipment to deliver a broom-ready facility primed for your next stage of operations.

Watch our video and check out our proven process.


On a tight schedule?

We can meet time-sensitive requirements by developing a meticulous plan, with key milestones and an account manager assigned to your project. Plus, you’ll have a team dedicated to your tear out to ensure you receive full attention from the planning process to the final clean up.

Our team is available across North America and can decommission facilities from less than 5,000 to over 750,000 square feet. No matter your size or industry, if you need decommissioning services, we’ll make it work for you.

With over a decade of experience, we’re prepared to get your facility to broom-ready conditions.

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