Engineering Contract Services

Our service brand, NRTC Automation, offers start-to-finish assistance to help you meet your automation needs. From robotic work cell design to comprehensive project management to training employees in robotics, we do it all.



Our team of experienced technicians are experts at solving automation issues ranging from simple fixes to advanced diagnostics. We’ll work directly with your team to understand the problem and provide the fastest turnaround possible.

Our engineering professionals have experience in all aspects including simulation, commissioning, integration, optimization, production support, and maintenance/refurbishment. You can trust our technicians to get the job done efficiently to eliminate downtime and get your company back to full operations.

We specialize in all major robot manufacturers.



Need an eye for design? NRTC Automation can help! Utilize our mechanical and electrical design support to get your products and manufacturing line where you want them to be. Plus, we’ll create 3D simulations of your design so you can get an accurate look at the final product.

Weld Cell


We also provide programming services for PLCs and industrial robots. Get your equipment to perform the way you want it to with our expert programmers.

Installation & Support


Minimize downtime and increase productivity with the equipment you need, and HGR will quickly install it for you. Plus, we’ll provide support to help you make the most out of your automation.

Installation & Support
Project Management


NRTC Automation’s project managers have top-level experience assisting manufacturers like Mercedes, Ford, and Toyota with decommissioning their facilities.

Get a detailed assessment of your project and how we can offer our project management services when you contact us.



No matter the industry or project, hiring qualified personnel is a big job. We will scout, interview, and deliver trusted robotics programmers, control technicians, multi-craft support (including mechanical, electrical, robotic, and PLC support), and project management support.

We find technicians and engineers that provide integration and production support. And we target engineers and technicians with at least two to five years of experience in the field, with specific experience relating to the customer’s project.



Train your team for success with our robotic training services. Plus, get PLC training to familiarize your team in your applications and technology. Your team will be ready to troubleshoot issues that arise and minimize downtime on the production floor.

Plus, get a certificate of completion once you complete your training.