Industrial Automation Services

Automation is the future of production.

InnovativeX’s brand, NRTC Automation, is here to help make it a reality for you, no matter what size or phase your company is in.

Our pre-engineered and customized work cells are the ultimate turnkey solution for autonomous production.

Industrial Automation Services
Industrial Automation Services

Developing your custom work cell with NRTC Automation means you’ll get these competitive advantages:

  • Expert design, build, and installation
  • All-in-one automation solution at an affordable price
  • Maximum compatibility between components
  • Increased efficiency on the production floor




We’ll provide specialized robotic systems that cover all aspects of your desired automation functions from top to bottom according to your specific manufacturing needs. From assembly to arc welding to material handling, our technicians will work with you to develop a work cell implementation strategy that meets your demands.



Work cells are easy to incorporate, meaning you’ll spend fewer resources installing and troubleshooting your robotics and more time getting the job done. Let InnovativeX do the hard work, from design to assembly to installation.



NRTC Automation offers financing options, making it easy for small businesses to increase throughput on their production lines. Get started on improving your manufacturing process and increasing revenue while cutting overhead costs and production waste today.